Monday, 4 July 2011

A place in the middle of anywhere.

We're leaving Elaine and Cam tomorrow, they're good people and as long as Wolf's on the loose, it's not safe for them. And now Elaine got out of the hospital yesterday, we don't have to leave Cam alone. She's alright, still trying to get her head right, as you do and from what I can tell, her determination that she's ok is amiable. She'll probably be better in a couple of days as long as she actually, you know, does what the docs told her to do and get some bed rest.

We both knew that we'd have to find somewhere else eventually, we've been discussing it since we made it here. Now we've got greyhound tickets, heading north west, toward San Francisco. Earlier, the two of us went outside (for once) and ended up in a cafe/coffeeshop type thing. We sat down and an elder gentleman walked upto me and asked if we're homosezuals. Our reply of "none of your business" earned us a speech telling us that we're on a one way trip to hell. 

No shit. Seriously? Lucas had to literally drag me away before I told him all about what we'd been through. But yeah, we don't want to infect more people, especially not out of anger. It was hypocritical of me after our shouting match.

Yes, Lucas and I have had another argument, and a pretty bad one at that. Long story short, Lucas is angry that we didn't let him kill wolf, regardless of the legal implications of murder, I'm trying to get him to calm down and let the police deal with it.

We both didn't talk to each other for a couple of hours and then Lucas practically dived onto my lap. (A piece of advice, don't do that to your boyfriend unless you know he's got literal balls of steel.) Then, whilst I was writhing in pain, told me that I was right and we should only deal with him in self defence, he killed a cop, in Texas, in broad daylight meaning it's pretty much guaranteed to be executed. He also agreed to stop trolling proxies like Ferus, if he's anything more than all bark, then we don't need him gunning for us too. 

Kat has been kidnapped, just like "A Friend" said she was going to be, we failed the first game, she got hurt. The second should have already been completed, we replied, and we're taking a lack of a post as a good thing, it means the friend  isn't using the computer to tell us all about how much she's in pain, probably meaning she isn't in such pain.

So yes, apart from that we've been alright. 

Keep safe and keep moving guys. And a general warning, if you find a guy in a wolf mask, get the police.



  1. Mice should beware the Kat they hide next to, nor should lambs run with wolves.

    The time for angels is not today.

    Bonne nuit, mes petites souris.
    Bonne nuit et bonne chance...

    Good night, my little mice.
    Good night and good luck...

  2. Mother Goose is brooding...


  3. physical pain isn't a bother, its whats inside that counts. if i lose my plaything i will hold you both accountable, after all someone has to be blamed


  5. the first two codes were separate tests, the third was all on Catherine. her reaction to possible failure was a test against her. if she doesn't start showing any sign of actual desire to live the doctors will discard the fourth test and let the Operator come and quicken her changing process. by then i'll be gone to find something new to do. He is a rather nasty fellow to be around, even if the intentions aren't on you.

  6. Hehe, sorry guys. Welcome to Texas, where the assholes roam free and 'he needed killing' is still a legal defense for murder.
    I know I told you this in person earlier, but I figure it doesn't hurt to repeat it. We'll miss you, proxies and head wounds and all. Stay safe, guys, and PLEASE don't do something stupid and kill Wolf?
    It will really fuck up your life.
    Enjoy San Francisco, I've heard it's amazing.

  7. Dear Elaine,

    Twinkle will fall and burn before hitting the ground. From the sky even diamonds can shatter. Make a wish.

    ~ the real anon

  8. Seriously Anon. If you're gonna write a message to Elaine, then why don't you actually do it on her blog? I'm just trying to work out the sense in this.


  9. Oh and yes Elaine, we'll miss you too. You and Cam have been too kind to us. :)

  10. Anon... That's... interesting. There's only one thing any of us refer to as Twinkle.
    I'm not sure what to think of that.

  11. Fuck knows, but it looks like you've made some enemies, Dr. Horrible.