Friday, 22 July 2011

Weddingicus inturruptus (Totally legitimate latin.)

God I'm still so tired right now, I slept for ten hours last night and still I just want to go to bed.

The reason we are in New York is because we received an invitation a couple of weeks ago from Cam to his wedding. Which is fine. However he had also invited a load of other bloggers as well. Of course, security was tight, but apparently Morningstar was there. (Yes the batshit insane one who people later identified as the creepy  bellhop with the fake German accent who was taking our invitations.)

Regardless to say, around the time of the ceremony, everything was great... It was after they had kissed. (And my god that made me want to get married right there. They are so sweet together.)

To be honest, after that, everything went wrong. From what I heard from Lucas and a couple of others, TwinkleToes poisoned the food (And the cake) to make any of us who ate it VERY sick. And he also rigged the chairs to explode. It's from that where I fell and hit my head. Lucas did a quick check for any injury and I seemed okay and just out of it.

Lucas went around helping others, playing doctor from what I know, but we didn't have a first aid kit with us so what he could do was limited.

But then something happened. These yanks showed the kind of stubbornness in the face of adversity I expected in England. (And good on them to be fair.) Pretty much everyone, after the whole attack, stood up, dusted themselves off, and continued with the reception.

Lucas and I danced, despite my head.

Thanks guys for that, all of you, despite everything, you made the wedding a great day. And when I'm in old age, I'll remember that day fondly.

Since the wedding, Lucas has been quiet. He's keeping the kilt knife with him and when I came back with food, I caught him reading the Gideon's Bible we got in our room. I asked him what was up and he said something.

"If we have a wedding. Remind me to never invite anyone who's being followed too."



  1. I'd be a little hurt at Lucas' comment if I didn't completely agree. It was the most fun I've had in EVER, but dear god it was not a good idea.

  2. Yeah, to be honest I had a ball, apart from, well, what happened in the hallway. But otherwise I had fun.

    Besides Spence, we'll probably be dead before we get to that stage of our relationship. :p


  3. It was not Cam's best idea. But I think we were all glad to have you anyway. Cam's a goof, I don't think he would've had it any other way, cake and all.

    And don't be so sure, Lucas. You two might be as lucky as us.