Sunday, 10 July 2011

Heading along route 5

As much as The Castro feels like home, we're heading out once more. We keep seeing Tall, Dark and Faceless around here. So we've managed to get tickets north, heading towards Washington. Not DC. That would be silly. It's odd, why would a country have two Washingtons? It must get really confusing in conversation. I'm certain people have gotten tickets to Washington and then realised they went to the state instead of the city.

We're probably going to head to either Tacoma or Seattle. Apparently Seattle is a nice city, big though... And it's become apparent that large amounts of people does not equal safety from the Bogeyman. Which is kind of why Lucas wanted to go to Tacoma instead, that and he had a vested interest in the Tacoma Narrows Bridge... Apparently, he studied it in his physics lessons, something about resonant frequencies?

Meh, Lucas is the smart one with that, I could never wrap my head around that stuff. I was always the biologist, give me something to cut up and I'm a happy camper. Which brings me onto this: Scientifically, The Slenderman (Damn that was difficult to write but it felt like it needed saying in full.) fascinates me. Like, if we figured out how he  manipulates his body like he does. Then it could do so much good in the world, it would change the face of bioengineering. Honestly, if I was alone and being stalked, I probably would risk my life to discover that. But I'm not, and I am greedy, and I can't bear to see him hurt.

And for Elaine: As far as we know we've not had any more incidences that Lucas described, we've been sleeping in shifts and as far as I know we've done nothing out of the ordinary. It's possible it was an isolated incident. Plus we've not seen Him in about 12 hours now. He's just there, watching us every so often and then we look again, it's gone... It's odd because he's not hurting us, of course, we still get the paralysing fear, but at the same time... I think he's become less threatening to us. Which is a little bit weird.

That would be kind of ironic, we both go. "HEY SLENDY ISN'T BAD AFTERALL!" and then we're never heard from again.

Anyway, bye for now.



  1. If you end up in Jersey, you are welcome to bunk with us as long as you like. Conditions are rough and we might not be able to afford store bought goodies, but the garden is massive and if you like blueberries we have a ton of them growing around the place. Just let me know, and I'll meet you in town.

  2. I don't think most Americans have problems with State versus DC, because one is always more prominent in peoples' minds. Either you have something to do with State and refer to the other as Dc, or you're like most of us and think of DC first and refer to the other as State.

    As for the rest of it, I hope you enjoy wherever you go, and it's good to know that things are still going well. Drop me an email if anything changes.

    Be safe guys

  3. Mystery: Thanks. It's good to know we have a place to hide out if needs be. It's much appreciated.

    Elaine: I'll keep that in mind when I talk about Washington. And as always, we shall keep you updated on things.


  4. I would put you up

    if you ever made it to NYC

  5. Maurice: Just understand. If we did, it could be dangerous for the two of us, you work for Slendy, we run from him. For all we know, you could do to one of us, what you did to that family when you had the itch.

    Does that make sense?

  6. you could chain me to a wall the whole time

    I just want to help

  7. Send me an email and we'll discuss things. I would send you one, but I can't find it.

    I don't trust you, but Joel seems to think that if things went out of control we'd be able to run.