Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Leaving "home."

We left Texas last night, Cam and Elaine dropped us off at the bus station and we kind of had a bittersweet goodbye. I miss being like this We hugged and said our goodbyes before we climbed onto the bus. Then we sat near the back, waved, blew kisses and the likes before we started to drive away. I don't know if we'll ever see them again, I hope we do, they're fantastic guys, but at the same time. What is the average time for a runner to survive once they've been running? (Not counting M, he's like superman!)

As far as I've seen, not too long. Eventually someone catches up with you and then TDF comes along and breaks your bones, one at a time before disembowling you, hanging you by your intestines and then impaling you on a tree. To be honest, I don't have much to live for other than Joel.

Joel told me to say the same thing about me, but he's probably lying or

He hit me this time. I suppose he needs revenge from me hitting him at the airport, plus I kinda love him, so I'll let that slide. :p

Oh yes. Joel just reminded me to explain why you can no longer post without an account to post from. If you've been reading the comments for the past few posts, then you'll have noticed that people have been trolling our blog anonymously. And simply, I lack the effort to care any more about replying to them. We lack the effort to care about replying to them.

So. If you've got something to say, say it, but be aware that it won't be anonymous any more.

Also Elaine, as far as I know, the techniques you taught us seem to be working. Joel says he's seen TDF once during the journey, one the side of the highway and so it was only a glimpse, I felt a little bit of fog, but it was only after he told me that knew I'd felt it a few seconds earlier.

Moving swiftly on from that, if you're currently in or around California, feel free to give us a comment or an email and we'll get back to you. We probably won't meet up, but we're keeping our options open right now. If you need assistance then we'll try and get there.

And so we vanish into the mid day sun. Apparently we're nearly there.




  1. You bastards be safe. If I have anything to say about it, we'll still be chatting together fifty years from now, sitting on porch swings or whatever old folks will do when we're old.
    Also, I'm glad what I taught you is working. Keep it up. Keep me posted.

    If you haven't found it by now, I slipped some food for the trip in your bag. And an entire batch of cookies. Or should I call them biscuits, to you?

  2. Elaine: We wouldn't be good labrats if we didn't keep our experimenter posted on techniques. Would we? And I'd like that to happen. If all of this ends and the Eldritch Horror suddenly stops haunting us all, I'd like to have a hunted's reunion. :)

    Cam: We did find it, thanks Mister. I have a feeling we'll need it. ^_^