Sunday, 17 July 2011

Just a few thoughts.

It's been running through my head... Keith became the wolf. I don't understand. But it's all I can honestly focus on. I need to understand why.

It was September last year when I first met the guy. I was walking in the local woods near my house when I heard a shout. Of course I decided to go and investigate deeper into the woods, but it wasn't too long until this albino guy, about my age, ploughed into me, both of us tumbling to the ground with him hitting his head on a root. I just came to my senses when I saw The Big Bad Wolf for the first time. He looked like another kid in a mask. He saw me there, with him and just ran off.

So I did the sane thing and took him to the hospital. Whilst he was there, he woke up and we got talking... That's where I learned about him. His name was Keith, he'd been running for two weeks at the time. At the time, it was pretty unusual, he was a student studying English. But one of his textbooks, which he'd rented from the University, was covered in Operator Symbols, drawings of a tall, thin gentleman with no face. One of the pictures had the words beneath it. "Slenderman."

Soon after he found himself being stalked, a guy in a wolf mask at first, and then, just occasionally he'd see a shape, in the corner of his room, just as he was about to sleep. A tall thin faceless man. Eventually it got too bad and he ran. Apparently I had managed to rescue him from getting killed, or at least kidnapped, by Wolf.

He kept on saying. "It's my turn." Over and over and over again.

As soon as he could stand, he was out of the door. I didn't stop him. The thing was, I didn't believe him and then the same thing began to happen to me a few months later.

It was only a little later when I found that Keith was caught by Wolf. I thought he was dead, but now I know he wasn't...

I can't get around the idea, that maybe, just maybe, that Wolf was not a single person but, for want of a better term, a title passed from one runner turned proxy to the next. And as much as I'm sure I'm never going to leave Lucas' side. Also I can't get around the idea that maybe, just maybe, it is my turn.

And that fucking terrifies me.



  1. No.
    They can want you all they want. They can't have you. Either of you.

  2. Joel, we need a chat ASAP.