Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lucas here.

Hi. I'm writing this from a library computer, Joel took the phone.

It was my shift to be awake and I- I think he wrenched me.

One moment Joel was in bed, the next, he seemed in pain, and the next moment he was up and my head started bleeding. When I came to my senses he was gone. Out of the door. He must have sent that blog post just before he decided that coshing me was a good idea.

Then I

Then I stumbled to the window and saw Him.

Everything was in slow motion.

Joel walkedto ward him outside in bare feet, He had his arms outstretched... Those fucking arms, too long for his body. I think I hammered on the window, he looked up. Watching me watching Joel as he reached him and

They walked away together.

Sorry... It's difficult to type right now.

He He left a note for me. Two words. "New Jersey." Along with a single bus ticket. It looks like he was expecting this to happen for a while...

Joel, where are you? Please get back to me. Please... You have the phone with you, so get back to me. Tell me you're alright... Ok?

I'm trying to be brave like you said. I'm trying.



  1. Fuck. Lucas. Fuckingfuckerfuckingshitshitshit. I'm so sorry. This... this isn't it. Email me, we'll figure something out. We'll get him back.

  2. There's no doubt in my mind that, wherever he's gone, he's protecting you Lucas.

    I don't know if he's okay. But I do know that you need to take care of yourself while he's gone, and not do anything dangerous. Whatever it is he's up to, don't let it be for nothing.